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Sewing Machine Maintenance Workshop

Sewing Machine Maintenance Workshop


Saturday 14th of September, 2019.

9.30am-12pm at the Alphington Community Centre - 2 Kelvin road, Alphington.

Gordon Carr has been a sewing machine mechanic for over 50 years.

This workshop is to help you save time and money on service repairs for common mistakes of sewing machine users.

In two and a half hours you will learn how to remove and clean bobbin cases; remove and inspect needle plates; clean the feed dogs; general cleaning of your machine; oil your machine correctly; change your needle correctly; learn about needles and bobbins for your machine; how to clean your tension unit and adjust your tensions correctly and learn about the correct threads.

Items you will need to bring with you: sewing machine; foot control; spool of white thread; empty bobbin (correct type); bobbin case; sharp scissors and machine “A” foot.

Gordon will also have some items / kits for sale on the day such as cotton and needles.

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